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Due to the extra precautions we are taking around COVID-19, we respectfully ask our customers to please expect a small delay in the shipment of orders. We are working with very limited staff to get all orders fulfilled as soon as possible. Additionally, we want to inform all our customers that we are taking all necessary precautions to create a safe and clean work environment at our fulfillment center that remains open.

We are currently on a 23-28 business day delay for all apparel orders. All of our stickers including custom orders are still on a 3-5 day shipping timeframe. We are trying to be as transparent as possible during this time and we thank you for your patience and understanding.
For more information, please contact us at or use our contact us form


As far as we, at Mass Sticker Shop are aware, domestic orders will continue to be shipped out by the carrier, with little to no impact. Aside from a possible slight delay or 3-5 business days. For more information, please visit


Updates from our carrier partner (USPS) pertaining to COVID-19 are changing daily. Please note that USPS has placed some shipping restrictions.
Other important effects could include: surcharges/additional fees, changes to signature requirements, and/or updates to carrier guarantees. 
Additionally, due to the widespread transportation cancellations and restrictions, We are unable to ship orders to any of the affected countries at this time. USPS will temporarily suspend international mail service, to the following destinations. (Dates in parentheses show when service was suspended to that country).
Angola (4/7/20)
Benin (4/7/20)
Bolivia (4/3/20)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (4/7/20)
Botswana* (4/3/20)
Burundi (4/10/20)
Cameroon (4/7/20)
Cayman Islands* (4/3/20)
Chad* (4/3/20)
Cook Islands (4/7/20)
Costa Rica (4/7/20)
Cuba (4/10/20)
Curaçao* (4/10/20)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (4/10/20)
Ecuador* (4/3/20)
Fiji* (4/3/20)
French Polynesia* (4/3/20)
Gambia (4/7/20)
Guatemala (4/7/20)
Guinea Bissau (4/10/20)
Guyana (4/10/20)
Honduras* (4/3/20)
India (4/3/20)
Kenya (4/10/20)
Kiribati (4/10/20)
Kuwait (4/3/20)
Kyrgyzstan (4/7/20)
Laos (4/7/20)
Lebanon (4/7/20)
Lesotho (4/10/20)
Libya* (4/3/20)
Madagascar* (4/3/20)
Malawi* (4/10/20)
Maldives* (4/3/20)
Mauritius* (4/10/20)
Moldova (4/7/20)
Mongolia* (4/3/20)
Mozambique (4/7/20)
Nepal* (4/10/20)
New Caledonia* (4/3/20)
New Guinea (4/10/20)
Panama* (4/3/20)
Papua New Guinea (4/7/20)
Paraguay (4/7/20)
Peru* (4/3/20)
Republic of the Congo (4/10/20)
Rwanda (4/10/20
Samoa* (4/3/20)
Saudi Arabia* (4/1/20)
Senegal (4/7/20)
Seychelles (4/7/20)
Solomon Islands (4/7/20)
South Africa* (4/3/20)
Sri Lanka* (4/3/20)
Sudan (4/7/20)
Tajikistan (4/7/20)
Tanzania (4/7/20)
Timor-Leste (4/7/20)
Tonga (4/7/20)
UAE (4/10/20)
Uganda (4/7/20)
Uruguay (4/7/20)
Vanuatu (4/7/20)
Venezuela (4/7/20)
Zambia (4/10/20)
Zimbabwe (4/3/20)
... AND MORE. Please note that this list does change frequently.
For more information on temporary service suspensions, please visit